How much do you know about your Fragrance?

How much do you know about your Fragrance?

How much do you know about your Fragrance?

Sometimes choosing the right fragrance can be confusing. It is first important to understand the different types of perfumes; their notes and how they interact with your skin before choosing. Its also very important to understand that a perfectly great smelling fragrance may work for your friend, sister or work colleague, but will give a totally different smell on impact with your skin.

Perfumes are classically defined as a combination of top/head notes, middle/heart and base notes which are released over a period of time. The top/opening/head note is basically an introduction to the fragrance, it’s the smell you get as soon as you spritz the fragrance onto your skin and it reacts with your skin. Some would suggest not to smell it as soon as you spritz, as that smell will quickly fade away and about 30 seconds later you will start smelling the middle and base notes and believe me the smell will noticeably differ from that first initial smell. The middle notes are the core of the fragrance… it usually comprises of around half of the oil in the bottle and is the smell that’s going to linger even sometimes up to when your sorting the laundry. The Base notes are usually the make or break as it’s the scent that you would have to live with and that’s going to make you grab for your purse.     

A fragrance is not a fragrance without the Base notes as they linger the longest on your skin and clothes — some essential oils can last for up to a couple of days. The base notes generally comprise of about 20 percent of any fragrance. They’re often from the woodsy family — sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla are among the most popular.  Here’s just an example of the fragrance pyramid and the scents you can look for when your out grabbing your next fragrance…Don’t be in too much of a rush when purchasing your next fragrance and please don’t forget while your at it to ask the sales clerk for cocoa beans or else you’ll end up coming home with a fragrance you might regret.

By the way did I mention how much I love a 50ml bottle of fragrance…you may ask why? But the real reason for me is that it really does last longer as its Eau de Parfum and best reason of all I can travel with it in my hand luggage on any aircraft. Now isn’t that swell?

You may also ask why Eau de Parfum last up to lets say 6 hours longer than Eau de Toilette…well its actually because of the high concentration of essences and oils. So for me that’s so worth my pennies especially when sometimes we get caught up running around and in long meetings, and hey just because having a great smelling long lasting fragrance is life.

Next week I will reveal my top five fragrances within the £50-£80 price range. In the mean time why not treat yourself to one of our Gift Cards today, I promise you that you won’t regret it…




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